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At the Herman Melville House

Lansingburgh’s “L” Train

An “ L.” Road. A movement was Monday set on foot working to the construction of an elevated road between Troy and Lansingburgh. The road is to be surveyed through the alley between John and Congress streets [Fourth Avenue and… Continue Reading →


☞ The presumptuous upstart, “Young America,” by way of showing the difference between him and Mr. Old Fogy, defines the latter as one “who sits on the shirt-tail of progress, and cries -won!” Lansingburgh Democrat. August 25, 1853: 2 col… Continue Reading →

Lansingburgh’s cannibal (1874)

One strange incident occurred at the [Rensselaer] park and was reported in the papers. A Cannibal with one of the shows bit a Lansingburgh resident and the local newspapers proclaimed that the man would probably die as a result of… Continue Reading →

Roasting the chestnut “Beautiful Snow” over an open fire

Once I was Pure. — Oh! the snow, the beautiful snow, Filling the sky and the earth below! Over the house-tops, over the street, Over the heads of the people you meet, Dancing, flirting, skimming along; Beautiful snow, it can… Continue Reading →

Benjamin Van Tyle

HOOSICK FALLS.—[…]—The house of a colored man named Benjamin Van Tuyl was burned last night. Loss small. Troy Daily Times. February 14, 1866: 3 col 5. —A feature of the Republican parade of Monday evening at Hoosick Falls was a… Continue Reading →

“Joseph D. Faucher Succumbs in His Houseboat Home” (1936)

JOSEPH D. FAUCHER SUCCUMBS IN HIS HOUSEBOAT HOME — Heart Ailment Fatal to Carpenter Who Lived on Boat at Foot of 114th Street. Joseph D. Faucher, 57, a carpenter, who lived alone on a house boat at the foot of… Continue Reading →

Houses of Ill Fame

THE TRUSTEES OF THE VILLAGE of Lansingburgh do enact and ordain as follows: All persons who shall keep a house of prostitution, or a house for the resort of prostitutes. All persons who shall keep a house or let the… Continue Reading →

Our Horse Railroads—Interesting Facts (1868)

OUR HORSE RAILROADS—INTERESTING FACTS. In the Lansingburgh Gazette of yesterday, appeared as exceedingly interesting and exhaustive article, in reference to that origin, management, and importance of the Troy and Lansingburgh and Troy and Cohoes Horse Railroads. We copy the following… Continue Reading →

“There was an old man of the ‘burgh” (1879)

Popular poetry: There was an old man of the ‘burgh, Who carried a nice little jurg; And he sipped from it frequent, Wrote things most indecent ‘Bout the people who lived in the ‘burgh. “Village Notes.” Lansingburgh Courier. January 24,… Continue Reading →

Batestown Museum 1855

☞ A museum has been opened at Batestown. The collection consists of ‘a mammoth beet’ belonging to Francis of the Troy Times, and a ‘pair of buckskin suspenders’ worn by the man who built the overslaugh. Admission twenty-five cents. Children,… Continue Reading →

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