ESTABLISHED 1882 INCORPORATED 1894 Troy Carriage Works, TROY, N. Y. Manufacturers of Finest Finish and Best Grade of CARRIAGES AND BUCK BOARDS. A full stock of Natural Wood Finish and Painted Buck Boards. Also, Rockaways, Broughams, Spider Phaetons, One-Man Top Wagons and Runabouts. SOLID, CUSHION OR PNEUMATIC RUBBER TIRES PUT ON. Special attention given to Repairing. M. J. ADAMS, Treas.

Official Programme, Saratoga Floral Fete, 1897. Daily Saratogian. Supplement. September 7, 1897. (Scan by; digitally cleaned up some by LHS)

Inspect These Cars at the Albany Automobile Show, State Armory, Albany, March 7th to 12th TROY CARRIAGE WORKS, TROY, N. Y.

“The Cars You Ought to Have at the Price You Ought to Pay.” Troy Carriage Works advertisement. Troy Times. March 5, 1910: 7. (Scan by; digitally cleaned up some by LHS)

Undated photograph (1911 or later?) of Troy Carriage Works display under tent behind bleachers