The Powers School was at the corner of 111th Street and 4th Avenue.

School Districts.

The village has been divided into school districts by the Board of Education, and in the future all pupils except those in the ninth and tenth grades, residing south of Sixth street, will attend the Fourth ward school; primary pupils between Sixth and Tenth streets will attend the Diamond street school, intermediate pupils between Sixth and Fourteenth streets and primary pupils between Tenth and Fourteenth streets will attend the Power’s school, all intermediate and primary pupils between Fourteenth and Nineteenth streets will attend the Market street school pupils north of Nineteenth street, excepting those in the tenth grade, will attend the Whipple school, ninth and tenth grade pupils, south of Eighteenth street and eighth grade pupils from Sixth to Eighteenth street will attend the Power’s schools.
Lansingburgh Courier. September 7, 1889: 3 col 3. [Add One Hundred to each street name]