Kills, or creeks, in the former Town of Lansingburgh that are tributaries to the Hudson River

Deepkill – the northern boundary of the Town of Lansingburgh, runs through the middle of Grant’s Hollow

° Deepkill Dam and Reservoir

Koolkill – runs through Speigletown and Thieves Hollow (also called the Cool Kill, Koele Killitie, etc.)

Paensick Kill – former Rensselaer County Historian Beulah Bailey Thull identified this as a former name of the Deepkill, but it seems to be one of the kills between the Iserberg Kill and the Deepkill, possibly the Koolkill

Oil Mill Creek or Iserbergh Creek – runs through Pleasantdale

Piscawenkill – the southern boundary of Batestown, initially part of the Town of Lansingburgh