Parks, Groves, Squares, Fairgrounds, Ballfields, etc. – Past and Present

Lansingburgh – Present

Village Green (between 112th and 113th streets and West Park and East Park lanes)
Powers Park (between 110th and 111th streets and 2nd and 3rd avenues)
Knickerbacker Park
Uncle Sam Bikeway
Herman Melville Park (a private park owned by the Lansingburgh Historical Society)
120th Street Park (between 1st Avenue and 1st Avenue Alley)
123rd Street Boat Launch
James T. Ellett Memorial Park (opposite 166 2nd Avenue)
9/11 Memorial Park (112th Street and 1st Avenue)
Freedom Square (northwest corner of 5th Avenue and 101st Street)
RiverSpark – Hudson Mohawk Urban Cultural Park (encompassing most of the Village of Lansingburgh)
Hudson River Vista (a stretch of the riverfront roughly from 103rd Street to 107th Street)

Lansingburgh – Past

Rensselaer Park
Judson’s Park (between Hudson River and 1st Avenue, between 118th and 119th streets)
Lansing’s Grove (now Pleasantdale)
Fane’s Grove (Oil Mill Hill)
Young’s Grove (1874-1911) (south of Rensselaer Park)
Lutzelberger Grove (1869-1874) (predecessor of Young’s Grove)
Vail’s Lot (between 104th and 105th streets on Second Avenue)
Filkins’ Grove
Bates Grove (in Cooksboro area of Pittstown, though often referenced as being in Speigletown or Melrose; now home to North Troy Stag Rod & Gun Club on Bates Grove Lane north of Cushman Road.)
Love Grove
Adamsville Playground (Oil Mill Hill)
Miami Beach (Oil Mill Hill)
Shaughnessy Square (between 2nd and 3rd avenues and 105th and 106th streets)
Rensselaer County Sidepath (bicycle trail along Hudson River)

Batestown – Present (Batestown was formerly a part of Lansingburgh)

Ingalls Avenue Boat Launch and Park
Ingalls Avenue Playground
Frear Park

Batestown – Past

Oak Grove, or Winne’s Grove (Oakwood Avenue south of Oakwood Cemetery)
Rensselaer County Agricultural Society Fairgrounds (between 6th Avenue and the Uncle Sam Bikeway, north of Glen Avenue)

Now held at the Schaghticoke Fair, in the Village of Schaghticoke.

Peebles Island – Present (Lansingburgh had once tried to annex Peebles Island.)

Peebles Island State Park

See also: other adjacent Islands, Cemeteries, Diamond Rock, Red Rock, Mount Rafinesque, Rice Mountain, Thieves Hollow.