Lansingburgh has had at least a couple nicknames: “the New City” and more colorfully “The Garden.”

‘The Garden’ will now have an opportunity to show itself. We hope the ‘burghers will prove to the outside barbarians that they are somebody, after all.
“Editorial Splinters.” Troy Daily Times.. September 21, 1852: 2 col 5.

The “Garden” is a delightful place to live in—that’s a fact.
“Home Matters.” Lansingburgh Democrat. October 5, 1854: 2 col 3.

Among other municipalities in the Capital District, researcher Barry Popik has documented the history of several city nicknames: Albany was nicknamed Sturgeondom or Sturgeontown; Schenectady was nicknamed “The Electric City” (and “Old Dorp”); Troy was nicknamed “The Collar City” and Troy was also nicknamed “Laundryville.”