A large and spirited meeting was held by the coloured citizens of Lansingburgh and Troy, March 10, in the Methodist church on Pitt street. Frisby Way was called to preside, and Daniel A. Oliver was appointed Secretary.
On motion a business committee of three was appointed, viz: Mr. Stephen Morehouse, Mr. Peter Baker, and Mr. James Hall. Mr. William G. Allen as assistant.
While the business Committee were out, Mr. William Rich of Troy, addressed the meeting in an able and interesting manner.
The chairman of the business committee then reported the following resolutions:
Resolved, That we believe the right of suffrage to be an inborn right and consequently a right to which all men are entitled to irrespective of color.
Resolved, That we believe the right of suffrage to be acknowledge in the Declaration of Independence, where it declareth all men to be created free and equal, to be endowed with certain inalienable rights, among which are life, liberty and happiness, and further, resolved that it is with this declaration before us, that we claim the franchise as men, as citizens of the State of New York, of the United States, and of the world.
Resolved, That we believe man was created capable of self-government; being thus created, he is at liberty to choose his own rulers, and any State or Government which prevents him from so doing is unjust, oppressive and anti-republican.
Resolved, That we, coloured citizens of this State, would esteem it a privilege to perform any duty that any other citizen may for the good of his State or country, be it military, or jury, and all we desire is the enjoyment of equal privileges.
Resolved, That we believe the elective franchise to be the only thing to complete the elevation of the people of colour.
Resolved, That it is the duty of our friends to use their influence with those who have votes, to cast them for such men as are in favor of the extension of the franchise, irrespective of party.
After some discussion the resolutions were adopted.
The following resolution was also added: That the proceedings of this meeting be signed by the President and Secretary and be sent to the Lansingburgh papers for publication.
FRISBY WAY, Chairman.
DANIEL A. OLIVER, Secretary.
Lansingburgh Democrat. March 14, 1846: 2 col 3.