Minutes of the first meeting on February 3rd 1965 at the Van Schoonhoven house. Now the home of Benjamin Romp, 538 3rd Ave. Lansingburgh.
Present: Mr and Mrs Benjamin Romp
Mr & Mrs John A. English
Mrs Warren J. Broderick
Mrs Irene H. Campbell
Mrs Anne Houghmaster
Mr George S. Reynolds
This was an informal meeting to propose the organization of an historical society to promote interest in our past of the Village of Lansingburgh and to plan for the preservation of historical landmarks. Also to promote the general welfare of the community and to awaken civic interest. The discussion touched on such matters as the improvement of parks, the river front, and the marking in some way of historical and interesting houses. Co-operation with the Junior Museum and the Rensselaer County Historical Society was suggested.
Nine ring binders were ordered for the members in order that they might be used for historical notes.
Mr Romp was elected president, George S. Reynolds Secretary, and the meeting was adjourned for refreshments.
[signed G. S. Geynolds Secy]

Lansingburgh Historical Society. March 2nd [1965]
Minutes of the second meeting at the Van Schoonhoven house. Pres. Romp presiding. Minutes of the first meeting read by secretary Reynolds.
It was suggested that dues be $5.00 yearly, to begin in April. Associate dues to be fixed later.
Present: Mr & Mrs Romp
Mrs Campbell
Mr Walter Catricala
Miss Ruth Clarkson
Mrs Broderick
Mr & Mrs English
Mr T. M. Guerin
Mrs Joseph F. Kennedy
Mr G. S. Reynolds
Mr Guerin proposed that we get in touch with the State and local Historical Associations for information regarding the formation of Historical Societies.
By the courtesy of Mrs John F. Gardner a book of Jurors and a book of Minutes of the Town of Lansingburgh were shown. Also from the Troy Public Library a History of Rensselaer County. A photostat of an original deed from Abraham Jacob Lansing was shown. Mrs Broderick brought scrap books of clippings and an album with photographs of old Lansingburgh houses. Two propositions were put before the Society, one to create a new map of the village of Lansingburgh showing the old houses; two, to find the oldest house and have it marked.
The secretary offered to furnish loose leaf books size 8½x 5½ with reinforced sheets to use in collecting historical notes for 5¢. Eight orders were taken and later delivered.
Coffee and cakes were served by Mrs Romp before adjournment.
[signed G. S. Reynolds Secy]

Lansingburgh Historical Society, Apr. 1965
The third meeting was held in the Coach House 21 114th St. newly restored by Mr Romp, on April 13th. Mr John A. English was elected Treasurer. Rec’d dues $50.00.
No minutes were taken in the absence of the secretary.
[signed G. S. Reynolds]

Trustee’s meeting Lans. Historical Society Aug. 28th 1973
Called to order by Prest. Broderick, 8:00 P.M.
Secy’s Report read and accepted.
Treas. Report read and accepted. Report of the Program Committee that Mr Carl Grimm will be the speaker at the September Meeting.
Mr Corbin, chairman of the House Committee reported progress on removing stones and grading the riverfront park and presented bills from Hansen for repairing leak in cellar $18.19 Madden Lumber Co, and Miller for grading lot.
Moved by Miss Hoffman, sec. by Mrs Ellis that we use pipe in cellar to make fence to keep cars out of park. Carried. Installation of water meter discussed. Moved by Mrs Greenwood, sec. by Mr Reynolds that 500 letterheads be printed including P.O. Box 219. Carried Moved by Mrs Greenwood, sec by Mrs Broderick that cupboard be made in recess at left of fireplace for display of gifts. Carried. Moved by Mrs Greenwood, sec by Miss Hoffman that Mr Corbin be elected to fill a vacancy on the Board of Trustees until next election. Carried. Moved by Mr Pine, sec. by Mrs Greenwood that help be obtained to finish the cleaning of cellar. Carried. There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned.
G.S. Reynolds Secy.

LHS Minutes October 1979

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