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Lansingburgh and the Vermont Republic

Continuation of LETTERS found on board the British Packet, bound to New-York, but taken on her passage and carried into France. Duplicate No. 77. SIR, Whitehall, 7th February, 1781. […] The return of the people of Vermont to their allegiance,… Continue Reading →

President Martin Van Buren in Lansingburgh (1839)

The following is the address of Jacob C. Lansing, Esq. to the President, accompanied with the President’s response, which we were unable to lay before our readers last week; SIR— Delegated by a large and most respectable portion of my… Continue Reading →

Hawkins’ Rocking-Chair Velocipede

☞ VELOCOPEDISTICAL. — Mr. J. E. Hawkins, of Lansingburgh, inventor of the new butter cracker machine, has invented a velocipede, for which he has just secured a patent. —A Mr. Manchester will open a velocipede rink at Rand’s Concert Hall,… Continue Reading →

What the H?

It happens. For much of Lansingburgh’s history, when it had been spelled without an h at the end that had been done in error. For some reason, Troy’s Times Record newspaper starting around 1935 insisted on spelling Lansingburgh without a… Continue Reading →

manila hemp hats for ladies (1842)

From the Albany Atlas. STATE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY.[…] Mr. Walsh of Lansingburgh presented a ladies hat, made of manilla hemp, and in some pertinent remarks urged the members to endeavor to introduce hats of this description into general use.—The hat presented… Continue Reading →

John Deviddio Hopes to Become Champion Tree Sitter of the World

BURGH BOY SETS OUT TO MAKE NEW ENDURANCE MARK — John Deviddio Hopes to Become Champion Tree Sitter of the World at 112th Street Playground. The endurance contest craze which has swept the country hit Troy today when a Lansingburgh… Continue Reading →


What was the first place in Lansingburgh to serve pizza? Possibly Uncle George’s Grill, 328 Fifth Avenue, which offered it in 1952? There may have been earlier venues to do so in Lansingburgh, and certainly within Troy. An April 8,… Continue Reading →

“Sage Blind Girl Studies As Inspiration to Others” (1936)

Sage Blind Girl Studies As Inspiration to Others Determined to take her place in a world which she will never see, Miss Peggy Painton of 512 Third Avenue, blind sophomore at Russell Sage College, today gave a reporter for The… Continue Reading →

“Troy in Motion Pictures” (1917)

TROY IN MOTION PICTURES. — Presentation of City’s History, Activities and Scenes—Departure and Return of Second Regiment—To Be Shown This Week. In observance of what will be known as Second Regiment Week, troy, its history, scenes, buildings, industries, organizations and… Continue Reading →

Troy wit (1856)

☞ A musical festival comes off in the Garden on New Year’s Eve. The Orchestra consists of two hornpipes and six canary birds. After the festival, “Lamb” will recite his Carriers address. Admittance two pistareens. The Trustees and Batestown visitors… Continue Reading →

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