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Trouble with a capital T that rhymes with P that stands for… Pinball?

At least one pinball machine from Lansingburgh was destroyed with a sledgehammer in the Rensselaer County Court House in Troy, and multiple Burghers arrested and tried, part of a four decades-long campaign against the supposed ills the game promoted. PIN… Continue Reading →

Wild Man of the Woods (1870)

☞ The wild man has made his appearance in our midst, and the ghost which was wont to travel at night, and devour costly meals in one of our dwellings has departed. Last week one of our village officials was… Continue Reading →

Identity, or Bust!

In large letters on the cornice will appear the worlds “Literature,” “History,” “Science” and “Mathematics” and over the main entrance, leading from Fifth Avenue, will be “Lansingburgh High School, Erected MCMX.” Busts of Washington and Lincoln will also ornament the… Continue Reading →

Herman Melville in Prison: Captive and other audiences

Some prison libraries, it appears, didn’t need the “‘Melville Revival’ of the 1920s” to tell them that Melville was worth reading; likewise for military, school, college and university libraries (and, not represented much here yet: private, public and club libraries)…. Continue Reading →

Lansingburgh and the Vermont Republic

Continuation of LETTERS found on board the British Packet, bound to New-York, but taken on her passage and carried into France. Duplicate No. 77. SIR, Whitehall, 7th February, 1781. […] The return of the people of Vermont to their allegiance,… Continue Reading →

President Martin Van Buren in Lansingburgh (1839)

The following is the address of Jacob C. Lansing, Esq. to the President, accompanied with the President’s response, which we were unable to lay before our readers last week; SIR— Delegated by a large and most respectable portion of my… Continue Reading →

Hawkins’ Rocking-Chair Velocipede

☞ VELOCOPEDISTICAL. — Mr. J. E. Hawkins, of Lansingburgh, inventor of the new butter cracker machine, has invented a velocipede, for which he has just secured a patent. —A Mr. Manchester will open a velocipede rink at Rand’s Concert Hall,… Continue Reading →

What the H?

It happens. For much of Lansingburgh’s history, when it had been spelled without an h at the end that had been done in error. For some reason, Troy’s Times Record newspaper starting around 1935 insisted on spelling Lansingburgh without a… Continue Reading →

manila hemp hats for ladies (1842)

From the Albany Atlas. STATE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY.[…] Mr. Walsh of Lansingburgh presented a ladies hat, made of manilla hemp, and in some pertinent remarks urged the members to endeavor to introduce hats of this description into general use.—The hat presented… Continue Reading →

John Deviddio Hopes to Become Champion Tree Sitter of the World

BURGH BOY SETS OUT TO MAKE NEW ENDURANCE MARK — John Deviddio Hopes to Become Champion Tree Sitter of the World at 112th Street Playground. The endurance contest craze which has swept the country hit Troy today when a Lansingburgh… Continue Reading →

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