—Seventy-five couples enjoyed the outing yesterday at Bolton’s stock farm of Tordenskjold grove, Order of Druids. A clambake was enjoyed and athletic sports were held.
“Lansingburgh.” Troy Times. June 18, 1910: 8 col 6.

Collar Cutters’ Clambake.

The United Shirt and Collar Company’s cutters held a clambake this afternoon at Bolton’s farm. Fifty enjoyed a good bake. Arthur Tyler, John Worden and Richard Winne were the committee.
“Lansingburgh.” Troy Times. October 5, 1912: 12 col 2.

—The Parent-Teacher Association of the Powers School gave a picnic at Bolton’s Stock Farm this afternoon to the pupils. About 200 were present. The children were taken in autotrucks to the farm.
“Brief Mention.” Troy Times. June 26, 1922: 3 col 3.

The Sunday School and congregation of the Olivet Presbyterian Church will hold the annual picnic tomorrow at Bolton’s Stock Farm. Those to attend will meet at the church at 10:30 o’clock tomorrow morning and go to the farm by auto. A second delegation will leave the Fifth Avenue bus terminal in Lansingburgh at 1 o’clock.
Troy Times. June 22, 1923: 3 col 2.

Do you remember when—[…]
There was a barn, to the east of the New Turnpike, north of 125th street, on which was painted, “Bolton’s Stock Farm.”
Calkins, Herbert A. “How Times And Events Change Through The Years.” Times Record. June 8, 1963: B4 col 1.