The Whipple School was at the southeast corner of Fourth Avenue and 121st Street, putting it just inside the 2nd Ward of the Village of Lansingburgh, though it was generally described as being in Adamsville. The building remains and in recent years it has been used by the Commission on Economic Opportunity (CEO) Lansingburgh Family Resource Center.

—The school trustees of the public schools were in session Tuesday evening. The north wall of the Whipple school house was found out of line some two inches, and it has been pronounced unsafe by the architect. It was ordered taken down. Several repairs were ordered made during the vacation. Some method of ventilating the rooms of the Market street building will be adopted.
“Village Notes.” Lansingburgh Courier. June 30, 1876: 3 col 1.

2nd Ward of Village of Lansingburgh cropped from Beers, F W. “Lansingburgh.” County Atlas of Rensselaer, New York. New York: F.W. Beers, 1876.

—The Isaac Dubridge residence, adjoining the Whipple school building on John street, was sold to John Mann on Monday for $2,000.
“Real Estate Changes.” Lansingburgh Courier. April 22, 1882: 2 col 2.

—The contract for building out-houses at the Whipple school has been awarded to Martin Lilley.
Lansingburgh Gazette. November 4, 1882: 2 col 1.

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