WANTED immediately in Lansingburgh a German or American girl, to do the general housework in a small family; one capable and well recommended will be paid general wages. For particulars enquire of J. B. WILKINSON, at 222 River street, Troy.
Troy Daily Whig. October 5, 1849: 3 col 1.

☞ The Troy German Rifle Co., accompanied by Jones Band, passed through this village on Monday afternoon. They made a fine appearance; calling upon Carl Ganter, Esq., at his residence in the south part of the village.
Lansingburgh Democrat. June 2, 1853: 2 col 3.

☞ TRIAL.—The trial of the nine young men who are charged with demolishing the saloon of Mr. Brickle, in Lansingburgh, and assaulting several peaceable Germans, who were seated therein, minding their own business and drinking lager, came on yesterday afternoon, before Charles J. Lansing, one of the village Justices. Mr. Baermann and Mr. White, of this city, are the counsel for the parties. The case excites much interest in Lansingburgh, as several of the young men implicated are very respectably connected.
Troy Daily Times. October 30, 1857: 3 col 3.

Music Lessons.

PROF. G. TREUBER, formerly of Lansingburgh, will give lessons on the Piano, Guitar and in German Language. For particulars inquire at No. 11 Jacob st. ja15-1w*
Troy Daily Times. January 18, 1859: 1 col 6.

☞ GERMAN ENTERTAINMENT.—Our German friends are moving actively to aid the Sanitary Commission. An entertainment, consisting of vocal and instrumental music, tableaux, &c., will be given at Griswold Hall on the evening of the 19th inst. The avails will be placed in the hands of the committee in charge of the Troy department of the Albany Fair. The arrangements are in good hands, and the entertainment will be a success. Besides this, the German ladies of Troy, West Troy and Lansingburgh are busy at work making up fancy articles for the Troy booth.
Troy Daily Times. February 10, 1864: 3 col 5.

Picnics and Excursions.

The picnic of the German Mutual Aid Society and the Druids, Hurogari and Odd Fellows Lodges will take place at Lutzelberger’s Grove to-day.
Troy Daily Times. August 19, 1873: col 1.

—We call the attention of our readers to the poem on the second [sic] page, entitled “The Loreley,” from the German of Heine. The translation is by an accomplished German scholar of this village and it is certainly well worth a perusal.
Lansingburgh Courier. August 29, 1879: 3 col 1.

Sweets from Pleasure’s Hive.

The German St. Joseph society will hold its annual picnic Monday at Young’s grove. The outing will be for the benefit of the German school.
Troy Daily Times. June 12, 1886: 3 col 2.

—Dr. Levi Seeley, formerly superintendent of the schools in Lansingburgh and recently returned from Germany, is spending a few days with his sister, Mrs. M. Hubert, in Cobleskill.
“Cobleskill.” Troy Daily Times. September 6, 1886: 3 col 5.

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