Requiescat in Pace

Written For The Troy Times.

These lines were suggested by the myrtle covered graves, protected with boughs of evergreen from the cold of winter,

To-day as I wandered through Oakwood,
Where we lay our loved ones to rest,
The graves that were evergreen covered
Were the ones that to me were the best.

They seemed so like dear little children
Tucked warm in their trundle bed,
And all of them His little children,
This host of the blessed dead.

His child! What a sense of protection
Descends to us from above
As He covers us o’er with His mercy
And binds us down with His love.

Just as the myrtle is covered
By the bough of the evergreen,
So we are held close and protected
In our sleep that comes between.
Waterford, November 16.
Troy Times. November 28, 1912: 13 col 1.

Cemetery Vases and Grave Blankets of Boxwood and Other Xmas Decorations During the past two years we have received a number of such orders.  The Boxwood and other Xmas Greens last well throughout the winter. Helps Relieve Desolate Conditions. Prices From $3 to $5, according to size Will be working at the Cemeteries Monday and Tuesday.  If interested please order at once.  J. F. Wilcox & Sons Phone 99 Progressive Florists 521 Broadway

“Cemetery Vases and Grave Blankets.” Evening Nonpareil [Council Bluffs, IA]. December 21, 1913: 6 cols 6-7. (Not Lansingburgh, but an early instance of the term “grave blanket” being used.)

Standard size blanket 40 by 80 inches Price Very Moderate Can be used as soon as flowers are frosted.  They are getting more popular each year.  Blankets are well made.  The green is woven into strong wire and cannot get out of shape.  These blankets are used on all graves during the winter, and are especially nice for new graves.  Keep the graves green all winter. Butte Floral Co. House of Superior Home-Grown Flowers.

“The Ideal Evergreen Grave Blanket.” Montana Standard [Butte, MT]. November 26 1922: 19. (Not Lansingburgh, but an early illustration of a “grave blanket.”)

Seeds, Plants & Flowers. 56

LARGEST variety wreaths and bouquets for cemetery decoration. Evergreen grave blankets, all kinds of porch and window decorations. Hewitt’s, Fourth Ave., at 121st St., North 461.
Troy Times. December 1, 1931: 15 col 8.

WREATHS. $1.50; grave blankets, $2.50; cemetery pieces placed on grave. Last all winter. Order from A. H. Kirchner, Oakwood Ave, Troy 1704.
“Dinner and Decorations.” Times Record. November 26, 1941: 22 col 4.

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“Kelts Florist.” Times Record. December 21, 1964: 18 cols 7-8.

Anna L. Ward, Prop.
Original Arrangements
Cut Flowers and Grave Blankets
177 Oakwood Ave., Troy BR 1-8688
Times Record. January 9, 1965: 13 col 5.