☞ GYMNASIUM.—We understand that Prof. Fields and several members of our Gymnasium, accepted the invitation extended them by Mr. Lally, Secretary of the Lansingburgh Gymnasium, to pay a visit on New Year’s Eve. They returned about 11½ o’clock, well pleased with the attention and politeness with which they were received.—We are glad to note the good feeling which exists between the Gymnasts of Lansingburgh, Albany and Troy.
Troy Daily Whig. January 3, 1861: 3 col 4.

Lansingburgh Gymnasium organized 1859 Officers S. P. Welch President C. S. Holmes V President James Lally Secretary E. H. Leonard Treasurer Exercise by custom becomes an entertainment. C. L. T. PC

“wooden shield for Lansingburgh Gymnasium” donated by Anne Houghmaster in 1967 (item 67.21)

Exactly what that particular “Lansingburgh Gymnasium” was—who was involved, what kind of athletics, where activities took place, etc.—required further investigation, even though an item relating to it has long been in the Lansingburgh Historical Society’s collections. The organization seems only to have existed 1859-1862, making the survival of the wooden shield somewhat remarkable, assuming it’s not a recreation or restored or touched-up in any way. For more, see the new page on the Lansingburgh Gymnasium.