More than one neighborhood association may have existed in Pleasantdale, or groups with slightly different focuses.

Pleasantdale Colony Organizes.

An enthusiastic meeting of the residents of Pleasantdale, a summer camping and residential colony at Lansing’s Grove on the Hudson River, north of this city, was held last evening, at which was organized the Pleasantdale Welfare Association. The purpose of the organization is to beautify the property and to take steps to prevent depredations and trespasses of various persons who are making the vicinity a public landing place. The organization was formed with the following officers: President, Samuel Taylor; Vice President, R. W. Cramp; Secretary and Treasurer, A. H. Eville.
Troy Times. August 4, 1917: 2 col 5.

Campers Organize.

The Pleasantdale Park Association, composed of summer campers at Pleasantdale, north of Lansingburgh, was organized Saturday night. Dr. C. J. Cronin was elected President and Martin J. B. McDonagh Secretary. A Treasurer will be chosen next Saturday.
Troy Times. August 6, 1917: 8 col 4.

A zoning plan for the community has become the principal objective of the newly-organized Pleasantdale Civic Association.
The association, meeting last night at the school, adopted a two-fold program, placing a zoning plan as its primary purpose and a general cleanup campaign for the welfare and health of the community as its secondary goal.
Forty new members took part in the meeting which named Mrs. Doris Russell as publicity director.
Another general meeting has been called for Monday at 8 p.m. at the school. A speaker will be invited to discuss zoning plans.
Times Record. May 16, 1950: 19 col 8.