Ground Broken for $175,000 Lansingburgh Swimming Pool.

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Landscaping Bids Sought For Pool.

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Work Speeds on Swimming Pool in ‘Burg.

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Lansingburgh Pool To Be Dedicated.

Formal dedication of the new Lansingburgh swimming pool will be held Thursday at 6 p.m. at the pool, located at the head of 105th street near 7th avenue.
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Lansingburgh Swim Pool Dedicated.

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Lansingburgh First Annual Learn-To-Swim Campaign. Sponsored By The Troy Recreation Dept. and The Record Newspapers Aug. 1 to Aug. 12 at the Lansingburg Swimming Pool Name Age Address Parent's Signature Fill this coupon out and turn it over to the registrar's desk at the swimming pool before Monday.  Children under 6 are not included in the swimming program.

“Lansingburgh First Annual Learn-To-Swim Campaign.” Troy Times. July 27, 1955: 15 cols 7-8.

We think the naming of the Lansingburgh swimming pool the Knickerbacker pool was inevitable. It is placed upon land bought by John Knickerbacker and turned into a great playground. The playground authorities still retain reversionary rights. The pool could not exist were it not for the munificence of the late creator of the playgrounds and it is right that his name should be carried in its title.
Mayor Fitzgerald has placed a tablet on the bath house giving the name and the necessary facts. Those who go to the pool for a swim will always have before them a remembrance of the original giver—and those others who arranged that a portion of the grounds be dedicated to so practical a use.
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