Vanderheyden’s Woods was a grove east of Oakwood Avenue and north of St. Peter’s Cemetery.

A Crime or a Joke.

The police have received a strange letter, which would indicate either that a horrible crime has been committed or that some dime novel reader is perpetrating a joke on the police. A young man entered police headquarters Saturday evening with a paper box containing a gold-plated ring and a note. The young man said he found the box while hunting in Vanderheyden’s woods, east of Oakwood Avenue and north of St. Peter’s cemetery. The note reads as follows:
Sept. 3.—While walking on the road near my home in Bennington I was seized by two men, who put me in a carriage and gagged by the men, who said that they had killed a girl name Bouthard. I am writing this at the point of a pistol. My body will be found in the bushes along the road.
So for God’s sake—
At the top of the letter was written in another hand: “P. S.—The girl who wrote this is dead.” At the bottom was, “If found, give—” There is a signature on the opposite side, “Joe Colby alias Andy Gore.”
The police searched the locality, but found no body. Chief of Police Nash of Bennington, Vt., was communicated with, and he will investigate. No girl has been reported missing in Bennington.
Troy Daily Times. October 8, 1900: 2 col 4.

—A clam steam is being given this afternoon in Vanderheyden woods by the members of the Bussey Steamer Company.
“The Northern Wards.” Troy Times. September 5, 1904: 6 col 2.

—The members of the Bussey Steamer Company, their wives and friends turned out in goodly numbers at the clam steam which was given by the company yesterday afternoon in Vanderheyden woods. After the dinner was served the afternoon was taken with a baseball game and athletic sports.
“The Northern Wards.” Troy Times. September 5, 1904: 8 col 4.