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“The Brush Manufacture of Lansingburgh” (1866)

THE BRUSH MANUFACTURE OF LANSINGBURGH. Everybody knows that the two specialties of the ‘burgh are the brush and oil cloth manufactures, and that the brush business is the specialty par endurence. It was by an accidental circumstance that just fifty… Continue Reading →

Herman Melville in Prison: Captive and other audiences

Some prison libraries, it appears, didn’t need the “‘Melville Revival’ of the 1920s” to tell them that Melville was worth reading; likewise for military, school, college and university libraries (and, not represented much here yet: private, public and club libraries)…. Continue Reading →

Houses of Ill Fame

THE TRUSTEES OF THE VILLAGE of Lansingburgh do enact and ordain as follows: All persons who shall keep a house of prostitution, or a house for the resort of prostitutes. All persons who shall keep a house or let the… Continue Reading →

Captain Edward C. Williams’ South Sea Whaling Voyage (1863, 1866)

The blog Melvilliana noted that Captain Edward C. Williams‘ “South Sea Whaling Voyage” presentation tour had at least one newspaper praising Herman Melville‘s whaling scene, something apparently narrated by Capt. Williams. Pages 10-11 and 21-22 of Williams’ book quote passages… Continue Reading →

“Forty Years Ago” (1866)

FORTY YEARS AGO.—James Wadsworth, eighty years of age, who removed some forty years ago, visited the ‘Burgh a week ago last Wednesday. He resided, when in this village, in the dwelling now occupied by David H. Flack, on River Street…. Continue Reading →

“A Visit To Bald Mountain” (1866)

A Visit To Bald Mountain. BY TITUS A. BRICK. Mount Raffinesque is situated three miles North-east from Lansingburgh and the ‘burgh is three miles South-west from Mount Raffinesque. Mount Raffinesque is (very) French for Bald Mountain. Bald Mountain is English… Continue Reading →

“A Cider Press on Skates” (1866)

A CIDER PRESS ON SKATES.—Mr. C. W. Hasbrouck one day last week started on the river for a small skate. He pushed up the Hudson among the islands not stopping till he reached the residence of his brother. Mr. R…. Continue Reading →

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