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A Handful of Coffin Nails

A gentleman at Lansingburg, N. Y. has discovered that tobacco can be so cultivated there as to be equal to the best cultivated in Cuba for segars, simply by pulling off the leaves when only partly grown. The Genius of… Continue Reading →

Frisby Way (abt 1785-1872) State Convention of Colored Citizens activist & A. M. E. Zion Church of Lansingburgh co-founder

LANSINGBURGH.—Yesterday morning Frisby Way, a colored man aged ninety years, and one of the first settlers of the village, expired after a short illness. Mr. Way has been a hard working and industrious man. Notwithstanding his advanced age he worked… Continue Reading →

Paper streets in “the Garden” (1872)

Lansingburgh. Our enterprising townsman, Thomas R. Clark, is to convert the brick building in the rear of his restaurant on State street into a confectionary establishment, for the manufacture of all kinds and styles of candies. Why should not ‘Burghers,… Continue Reading →

Lansingburgh building boom (1872)

LANSINGBURGH. — Number of Buildings Erected in the ‘burgh during 1871—Cost of Construction—Whom Owned by. Below we published a full report of all buildings erected in the village of Lansingburgh during the year 1871; by whom owned, and the estimated… Continue Reading →

Lansingburgh Town Hall proposal (1872)

Lansingburgh Town Hall. The general topic of conversation yesterday in the streets and business places of Lansingburgh was the proposed Town Hall, plans and specifications of which were on exhibition at the postoffice. The communication printed below was published in… Continue Reading →

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