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“Proceedings of the Colored Citizens of Lansingburgh” (1850)

Proceedings of the Colored Citizens of Lansingburgh in relation to the Fugitive Slave Law. At a meeting of the colored citizens of Lansingburgh, held at the African Methodist Episcopal Church, in Pitt street, Oct 8th, 1850, FRISBY WAY was called… Continue Reading →

“A Visit To Bald Mountain” (1866)

A Visit To Bald Mountain. BY TITUS A. BRICK. Mount Raffinesque is situated three miles North-east from Lansingburgh and the ‘burgh is three miles South-west from Mount Raffinesque. Mount Raffinesque is (very) French for Bald Mountain. Bald Mountain is English… Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Day turkey shoot (1900)

—A live bird shoot will be given Thanksgiving Day by Highway Commissioner W. G. P. Campbell at his farm in North Lansingburgh. There will be fifty wild turkeys, 500 English sparrows and 500 pigeons. Mr. Campbell has issued invitations to… Continue Reading →

Town of Lansingburgh $6,000 bounty for Civil War volunteers

WAYSIDE WHISPERS. — St. Valentine’s Day—An Interesting War Document—Noted Here and There. While looking over some papers of the old Bank of Lansingburgh the other day Albert E. Powers found a petition, dated August 22, 1862, requesting the War Committee,… Continue Reading →

Proposed retrocession of Batestown (November 15, 1869)

—Some years since [July 1, 1836] the portion of the village of Lansingburgh lying adjacent to the city [i.e. Batestown] was set off from the ‘burgh and annexed to Troy. Last Winter we proposed to take all the villagers into… Continue Reading →

Unification of Albany, Troy, Lansingburgh, Waterford, West Troy, Greenbush, Kenwood and Normanskill (1868)

A BIG THING.—A correspondent of an Albany paper proposes that Albany, Troy, Lansingburgh, Waterford, West Troy, Greenbush, Kenwood, and Normanskill, be consolidated into one “GREAT CITY AND COUNTY.” This would be a very large thing, open to some objections, perhaps,… Continue Reading →

“Petition on River Road” (1920)

PETITION ON RIVER ROAD. — Summer Residents and Farmers on the Highway North From This City Along East Bank of Hudson River Complain of Its Condition—Ask for Improvement or Reconstruction. Contending that their protests for the last three years have… Continue Reading →

“Work of the Sidepath Commission” (1901)

Work of the Sidepath Commission. The Rensselaer County Sidepath Commission has issued the following statement: The Rensselaer County sidepath badges have arrived and will be on sale at the usual places. The price will be $1 as in former years…. Continue Reading →

Lansingburgh denied a referendum vote on annexation (1900)

[March 5, 1900] The [New York State Assembly] bill (No. 1214) entitled “An act to annex to the city of Troy certain portions of the towns of North Greenbush, Brunswick and Lansingburgh, including the village of Lansingburgh, and to increase… Continue Reading →

Lansingburgh & the Troy Deaf-Mute Literary Society (1888)

TROY, N. Y., — It would seem to those abroad very much as if this city had been in ruins, like the once famous city of the same name, for the reason that nothing has been heard of it since… Continue Reading →

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