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It’s Maritime radio broadcast (February 27, 1945)

As the embedded video (containing only audio) begins, the host says: “Monday through Friday at this time, the Columbia Broadcasting System presents Service Time. Every Tuesday afternoon, this program is devoted to the men who sail the ships of the… Continue Reading →

Cavalcade of America “Down to the Sea” radio drama (1941)

The DuPont Company’s radio series Cavalcade of America ran from 1935 to 1953. A 1941 episode, “Down to the Sea,” took some elements of Herman Melville’s life, some of the more biographical elements from his books, and employed considerable invention…. Continue Reading →

Capital Region Welcome Center in New Baltimore

Apologies for these not being the best photos, having been taken with an older model iPad on an overcast and rainy day. The Capital Region Welcome Center in New Baltimore, on the east side of the Thruway (I-87) for those… Continue Reading →

Dick Schory, Typee, and Omoo

Dick Schory’s percussive ensemble’s two albums from 1957-1958 featured songs titled after Herman Melville’s first two novels.  A fan?

“History Humpday: Oil, Bones, and Baleen – NYSM Whaling Artifacts.”

New York State Museum. “History Humpday: Oil, Bones, and Baleen – NYSM Whaling Artifacts.” November 14, 2018.

Identity, or Bust!

In large letters on the cornice will appear the worlds “Literature,” “History,” “Science” and “Mathematics” and over the main entrance, leading from Fifth Avenue, will be “Lansingburgh High School, Erected MCMX.” Busts of Washington and Lincoln will also ornament the… Continue Reading →

Herman Melville in Prison: Captive and other audiences

Some prison libraries, it appears, didn’t need the “‘Melville Revival’ of the 1920s” to tell them that Melville was worth reading; likewise for military, school, college and university libraries (and, not represented much here yet: private, public and club libraries)…. Continue Reading →

Captain Edward C. Williams’ South Sea Whaling Voyage (1863, 1866)

The blog Melvilliana noted that Captain Edward C. Williams‘ “South Sea Whaling Voyage” presentation tour had at least one newspaper praising Herman Melville‘s whaling scene, something apparently narrated by Capt. Williams. Pages 10-11 and 21-22 of Williams’ book quote passages… Continue Reading →

“Old Houses With Histories” (1914)

Old Houses With Histories. Editor Times: Your recent article on the old houses of Lansingburgh was interesting, but your contributor overlooked two of the most ancient dwellings there, still in excellent preservation. One of the two-story, high roof, brick, high… Continue Reading →

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