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What the H?

It happens. For much of Lansingburgh’s history, when it had been spelled without an h at the end that had been done in error. For some reason, Troy’s Times Record newspaper starting around 1935 insisted on spelling Lansingburgh without a… Continue Reading →

The Burgh is the Word

“Buy in the ‘Burg” was an advertising slogan used in the Troy Times from 1924 to 1928 or so, with “Buy in the ‘Burgh” (with the h) from about 1929 to 1931. Troy Times. December 16, 1924: 3 col 1…. Continue Reading →

Roasting the chestnut “Beautiful Snow” over an open fire

Once I was Pure. — Oh! the snow, the beautiful snow, Filling the sky and the earth below! Over the house-tops, over the street, Over the heads of the people you meet, Dancing, flirting, skimming along; Beautiful snow, it can… Continue Reading →

Fair Warning on Fair Use

☞ If the Gazette continues to copy Lansingburgh Items from the Troy Times, its editor will wake up some morning and find himself famous. The last Gazette contained more local news obtained from that source, than has appeared in its… Continue Reading →

“Guiltless Poverty No Disgrace” (1854)

For the Lansingburgh Democrat. GUILTLESS POVERTY NO DISGRACE. Ponder it well O ye, who blessed with store, Regard with score the abject, suffering poor; In tattered garb what though thy brother be, No shame to him pertains, but rather thee;… Continue Reading →

Lansingburgh Gazette’s reach (1839)

The LANSINGBURGH GAZETTE.—In 1781, the first number of the old Lansingburgh Gazette was issued by Messrs. Tracy & Bliss. For many miles on either side no other paper was then published. In Washington, Warren, Saratoga, Essex, Clinton and the adjoining… Continue Reading →

“Troy and Lansingburgh-A Comparison” (1868)

☞TROY AND LANSINGBURGH—A COMPARISON.—Some people believe that “comparisons are odious.” To their attention we commend the following excessively modest paragraph: “A movement is made to secure a new charter for Troy. The charter must necessarily define the boundaries of the… Continue Reading →

“Peccavi” (I have sinned) (1864)

☞ PECCAVI.—The editor of the [Lansingburgh] Gazette can take our hat: he deserves it for his defence of local institutions. It is enough—we recant. “Know all men by these presents” that the Fair Grounds, which by a lapsus pen-gue were… Continue Reading →

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