AN ORDINANCE Relative to Weights and Measures in the Village of Lansingburgh.
Passed July 7, 1851.
1. Weights and measures to be conformed to the standards of this state.
2. Duties of examiner and sealer of weights and measures.
3. Penalty for not having weights, &c., conformed to the state to the state standards—also for using weights, &c., not so conformed and sealed.
4. Fees of examiner and sealer.
The Trustees of the village of Lansingburgh do enact and ordain as follows:
SEC. I. All weights and measures used for the purposes of trade or traffic, in the village of Lansingburgh, except apothecary’s weights, shall conform to the standards established by the laws of this State.
§ II. The examiner and sealer of weights and measures in said village, whenever required by the president of the Trustees, shall examine and compare with the standards furnished to the Town of Lansingburgh, pursuant to the laws of this State, all weights and measures used in said village, for the purposes of trade or traffic, and shall cause them to conform to the said standards, and shall thereupon seal the same, with the devices established by law for sealing weights and measures in said Town.
§ III.Any person or persons who shall neglect or refuse to have his, her, or their weights or measures conformed to such standards, and sealed as aforesaid, or who shall use for the purposes not conformed to such standards and sealed as aforesaid, shall forfeit and pay for every such offence, the sum of five dollars, and the further sum of one dollar for every day that such neglect or refusal shall continue.
§ IV. The said examiner and sealer of weights and measures shall be entitled to demand, sue for, and recover for any services rendered by him, the same fees provided in and by the Revised statutes of this State, for sealing weights and measures, and conforming the same to the standards aforesaid.
Lansingburgh Gazette. July 22, 1851: 1 col 5.