Will be Observed To-morrow as Usual—Only With the More Elaborate Formalities Cut Out—Only the Exercises at the Grave.
The Troy Citizens’ Corps, which for many years has made Corps Day one of the yearly events of this city, will observe this day to-morrow with the decoration only of the graves of those who have gone on before. The usual church exercises, parade, ceremonies at the Watervliet Arsenal and sail down the river will be omitted. At Oakwood Cemetery Capt. Henry R. Freeman, Chaplain of the Corps, and Rev. Dr. Edgar A. Enos will officiate. The Choral Club Quartette will sing at the graves of Capt. James W. Cusack and Gen. C. Whitney Tillinghast and also at the graves of John Clatworthy and Allan Lindsay, who were President and Director, respectively, of the club.
Roll of the Dead.

In Oakwood Cemetery—Col. Harry M. Alden, Gen. Alonzo Alden, Lieut. Clinton L. Adencourt, James F. Ashley, James W. Andrews, Charles Babcock, Casper V. W. Burton, Capt. Edwin D. Blanchard, Edward A. Burdett, William H. Barnes, Col. Charles E. Brintnall, Theodore A. Byram, Col. George Babcock, Capt. Richard C. Barton, Hon. Miles Beach, Dr. Rudolph Bestie, Danie W. Bastable, Louis H. Baker, William Buchanan, Robert C. Benson, Thomas Buckley, William S. Cox, Alfred W. Crandell, Col. Levin Crandell, Charles N. Church, Capt. James W. Cusack, James C. Chapin, Gen. Joseph B. Carr, Major William G. Carr, Lieut. Philip Casey, William H. Doughty, Frederick B. Dauchy, Harry B. Dauchy, Edward W. Douglass, William S. Earl, Edgard L. Everett, Dr. Samuel D. French, Andrew B. Fales, James R. Fonda, Alvin S. Ford, Capt. Samuel Foster, George H. Freeman, Edwin A. Frear, Lieut. Harry O. Fairweather, Charles W. Farnham, Henry Galusha, Capt. Moses C. Green, Alfred DeForest Gale, James L. Graham, Willard F. Gay, George V. Gould, William F. Gurley, Charles E. Greenman, William E. Gilbert, John Wool Griswold, Edward G. Gilbert, jr., J. Bartlet Hydorn, Willard H. Hawley, Joseph M. Howes, George F. Hyde, Col. Isaac F. Handy, William S. Hyde, Horatio H. Halladay, Horatio H. Hayner, William J. Howes, Lieut. Jonas S. Heartt, Robert H. Hyde, Charles H. Harrington, Charles H. Harden, Thomas S. Hoyt, Myron P. Hamblin, George B. Harrison, Lieut. T. Clement Haddock, Orange S. Ingram, H. Bertram Ingalis, Thomas Job, sr., Thomas A. Job, Charles B. Judson, David Stuart Johnston, Hon. William Kemp, Major William E. Kisselburgh, William S. Kennedy, Thodore E. E. Kiesenwetter, Lieut. Luther R. Lasel, Gen. James H. Lloyd, Joseph E. Miller, Edward W. Millard, jr., First Sergeant William J. Macdonald, Frank W. Mackie, John W. Morse, Col. Charles L. Mac Arthur, Col. Arthur Mac Arthur, Gen. A. Lee Myer, Col. John McConihe, Col. Francis N. Mann, jr., Judge Henry T. Nason, Capt. Rowland S. Norton, Oscard W. Noetzel, Major George H. Otis, Col. Sidney W. Park, Chauncey D. Packard, Walter H. Paaschen, Edward A. Pattison, Lieut. Arba Read, Lieut. Lewis W. Rousseau, John H. Reynolds, Harold C. Rising, Henry S. Ranken, William J. Ranken, Alpheus Richards, George G. Rockwood, LeRoy Rickerson, Capt. Wait H. Stillman, Harry C. Sliter, Frank O. Stiles, jr., William H. Smith, Capt. George F. Sims, Col. John A. Sims, Charles R. Stone, Lieut. William W. Seymour, Edward R. Stover, E. Smith Strait, Col. George T. Steenberg, Walter S. Steenberg, Robert Squires, Lieut. John M. Sherrerd, Paul A. Sabbaton, Capt. Hamilton L. Shields, William A. Saxe, Col. Rufus M. Townsend, William A. Thompson, Capt. E. Ray Thompson, Capt. George S. Thompson, Charles W. Tillinghast, Gen. C. Whitney Tillinghast, 2d, George A. Templeton, Capt. Walter P. Warren, Charles E. Thompson, Charles J. Tappin, Gen. William B. Tibbits, Capt. John I. Thompson, Clarkson Crosby Thompson, Charles H. Tyler, John M. Uline, William P. Van Zile, Lieut. Ezra R. Vail, Capt. John S. Van Schaick, Rev. Lansing Van Schoonhover, First Sergeant Francis Y. Van Schoonhoven, Capt. Ebenezer H. Virgil, Col. Walter P. Warren, Lieut. Asa W. Hicks, Capt. Gurdon G. Wolfe, Wiltsie F. Wolfe, Joseph B. Wilkinson, jr., Major George W. Wilson, Capt. John H. Whitlock, Samuel C. Woodcock, William H. Young and Albert E. Young.
In Mount Ida Cemetery—Col. Alfred H. Pierce, Lieut. Morton Fairchild, Elihu R. Rockwood.
In St. Mary’s Cemetery—George Inwood, Alexander G. Cunningham.
In Pine Woods Cemetery [New Mount Ida Cemetery]—Lieut. James F. McCarthy, Henry Leffingwell.
In Forest Park Cemetery—Warren K. Nible.
In St. Agnes’s, Cohoes—James A. Croak, jr.
In Waterford—George W. Robinson.
In Blooming Grove, Greenbush—William Bruce Chapman.
In St. Peter’s Cemetery—Capt. John G. Manning.
In Albany Rural Cemetery—William S. Andres, William F. Burden, Palmer H. Baermann, Frederick C. Brewster, Stephen C. Bush, William Barker, sr., J. Schuyler Crosby, Ernest C. Dyer, Timothy W. Getman, Charles D. Kellum, Giles Kellogg, George Lobdell, Major John M. Landon, Dr. LeRoy McLean, Charles A. Mosher, Martin R. Mosher, J. Willard Mosher, Charles S. Pease, Thomas Rath, Lieut. Harmanus P. Schuyler, Benjamin F. Simonds, George T. Sambrook, George W. Starkweather, James R. Torrance, Lieut. Esek Bussey Williamson, Ira P. Wood.
In St. Agnes’s Cemetery, Albany—Dr. John W. Morris, William A. Thatcher.
At a distance out of town—G. Walton Arnold, San Francisco, Cal.; Frederick W. Avery, Ottawa, Canada; Joseph W. Burden, Lenox, Mass.; J. Blunt Bacon, Goshen, N. Y.; J. Henry Balke, New York city; Lieut. William R. Bridges, Greenwich, N. Y.; Edward W. Cowles, Oyster Bay, Long Island; Franklin Cummings, Boston, Mass.; Edmund H. Dutcher, Thomasville, Ga.; Irwin Eycleshymer, Buskirk, N. Y.; DeWitt P. Foster, Syracuse, N. U.; Col. Charles Osborn Gray, Warrensburgh, N. Y.; Col. James M. Green, Fort Wagner, S. C.; John K. Howe, Springfield, Mass.; Harold M. Horne, Buffalo, N. Y.; Capt. Joseph M. Jones, Chicago, Ill., William H. Knowlson, Peekskill, N. Y.; Dr. George M. Lamb, Hoosick Falls, N. Y.; Henry B. Leonard, Hubert, Minn.; Henry W. Lawson, New York city; William H. McArthur, Cambridge, N. Y.; Paul S. Merrifield, Philadelphia, Penn.; Nathan K. Masten, San Francisco, Cal.; Edward J. Miller, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Charles F. McLinden, Schuylerville, N. Y.; Frank E. Niles, Sand Lake, N. Y.; Gen. William A. Olmstead, New York city Gilbert D. Robinson, Boston, Mass.; Col. Marcus D. Russell, Warrensburgh, N. Y.; Capt. John L. Russell, Warrensburgh, N. Y.; John A. Robinson, Boston, Mass.; Gen. John W. Sprague, Cleveland, Ohio; Lieut. Clarkson C. Schuyler, Plattsburgh, N. Y.; Henry T. Smith, Bangor, Me.; Capt. B. F. Stiles, Syracuse, N. Y.; Dr. Frederick Grant Thompson, Schaghticoke, N. Y.; B. Marshall Witkyns, Pasadena, Cal.; Joseph H. Watt, Pittsburg, Penn.; E. Coleman Webb, Fairfax, Va.; George H. Wheeler, New York city; Frank Williams, Cambridge, N. Y.; William Weightman Walker, Williamsport, Penn.; Frederick S. Young, New York city.
Troy Times. June 10 1918: 7 col 3.

Not listed above: charter member and the very first captain of the Corps, Thomas Turner, who’d also been commanding officer of the earlier Trojan Greens militia. Major. Turner, who was born in Lansingburgh in 1795, is interred in Albany Rural Cemetery.