Detail of 1891 Lansingburgh birdā€™s eye view of fourth ward (southernmost ward) by Burleigh. The triangle between 2nd Ave and 3rd Ave numbered “15” is labeled “M. H. Salisbury, Groceries.”

“Ruins of the Flatiron Building.” Troy Semi-Weekly Times. January 16, 1914: 5 cols 2-3.

Old Flatiron Building.

The old flatiron building at the junction of Second and Third Avenues, which was recently torn down to make room for a large office for The Shaughnessy Ice Company, was a few years ago one of the busiest buildings in Lansingburgh. When there was only a small number of stores in the section this building contained, besides four tenement flats, a grocery store, a meat market, a barber shop, a cafe and a bakery. On a Saturday night the flatiron building was always crowded and the place became a neighborhood meeting place. Many of the older people of the section will recall the fire in the Shaughnessy Ice Company plant eighteen years ago this winter. Several times, the plant, which was entirely consumed by fire, emitted sparks that found their way to the flatiron building, and the Eddy Steamer Company, which was summoned from Troy, had hard work saving the building from being destroyed on several occasions. During the last few years however, many stores have sprung up in the section and when a fire visited the building last year it practically destroyed the building, only the north wall remaining. Fire Marshal Haynes after the fire ordered the building torn down, and the owner, James See, started the work last fall. The Shaughnessy Company started excavating for the new office this winter, but was forced to suspend operations on account of the cold weather.
Troy Times. February 12, 1915: 2 col 2.