Many newspapers were published in Lansingburgh, the first of them (the Northern Centinel) starting in 1787 and some publishing on into the 1890s – over 100 years. There is some thought that the Lansingburgh Courier and the Lansingburgh Times may have continued to publish in the first decade of the 1900s (e.g. advertisements for them can be seen in the 1902 Troy Directory), though no issues beyond 1895 seem to be known to survived.

The New York State Newspaper Project indicated the Lansingburgh Courier published into 1909, but found no holdings in New York state after the July 19, 1894 issue. The Project indicated the Lansingburgh Times published into 1904 but found no holdings in New York after the May 25, 1895 issue. The 1894-1909 stretch of missing issues is a serious gap in Lansingburgh history, covering among other things the annexation of the Village of Lansingburgh by the City of Troy and the remainder of the Town of Lansingburgh by the Town of Schaghticoke!

The gaps in holdings, sadly, go even further. Many issues of newspapers are not known to have survived in any library, archive, or historical society. Of those that did survive in such collections, some have gone missing from those collections. Microfilming and digitalization efforts should be increased!

News of Lansingburgh can, of course, also be found in Troy and Albany newspapers, and likely in old newspapers published in other neighboring places as well: Cohoes, Waterford, Pittstown, Melrose, Schaghticoke, etc.

Aside from those newspapers catalogued by the New York State Newspaper Project, there were some other periodicals that they for some reason did not include. Among those one may include the Lansingburgh Voice, the “little paper with the big impact,” which began in 1972.

New York State Newspaper Project – Rensselaer County (NY) newspapers on microfilm and paper at all NYS locations – Lansingburgh

The New York State Newspaper Project did not catalog holdings of New York State newspapers in locations outside of New York. The American Antiquarian Society in 1916 published an article “Bibliography of American Newspapers, 1690-1820″ which did catalog some holdings in other locations; WorldCat should also do so.

Lansingburgh newspapers online

At present, relatively Lansingburgh newspapers seem to have been digitized and rendered searchable online.

On, a subscription-based website:

• American Spy (1791-1798)

• Farmers’ Register (1803-1820)

One, a free website (years in parenthesis indicate what they have presently available online):

• Lansingburgh Courier (1875-1876, 1879-1894)

• Lansingburgh Democrat and Rensselaer County Gazette (1844-1848)

• Lansingburgh Democrat (1849-1861)

• Lansingburgh Gazette (1879-1880)

• Lansingburgh State Gazette (1880-1883)

• Lansingburgh Weekly Gazette (1865-1866)

• Northern Budget (1798-1808, 1810-1818)

• Semi-Weekly Chronicle (1864)

Free sources for digitized newspapers, but which at present which do not include any from Lansingburgh:

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